Gear up for the rugged refinement of the Featherweight Glove Collection! This ain't just another lightweight line - it's an embodiment of grit, elegance, and sophistication.  The collection defines luxury.

Astis Featherweight gloves are hand-sewn in the USA from white high-quality American deer leather with hand-stitched beadwork on the back of the hand and are lined with thin Polartec® Power Dry®  insulation. Working directly with a tannery in the USA, we developed a smooth, soft, thin, and stretchable leather that is durable with exceptional dexterity.

As each leather glove is hand-sewn and uses natural materials, each glove will possess slight variation in the look of the leather and beadwork. Astis embraces these subtle differences and views them as unique gloves more akin to works of art.

Featherweight - Short-Cuff Glove

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