SoldierWolf Legacy Collection

Welcome to the SoldierWolf Legacy Collection, celebrating the creativity of indigenous artistry and the culture and heritage of the Northern Arapaho Nation.

As with all good things, Astis is learning and evolving. While on this journey of being educated, we were introduced to Stormy Friday, a member of the Northern Arapaho Nation. Stormy invited the Astis team to come to her home on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming to meet her family and continue our education.

We were welcomed into their home and were given insight into the significance of beadwork for their family and the Northern Arapaho people which in turn provided a deeper understanding of their history and culture. We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to sit around a table with four generations of Stormy’s family, listen to stories, and share a meal; it was a humbling and inspiring time.

Stormy and her aunt Fay Ann SoldierWolf created the intricate designs showcased in this collection. Each is named for the meaningful subject that they depict. All the designs are in the traditional colors of the Northern Arapaho — red, white, and black. In Stormy’s words, “Red represents life and the blood that flows through our veins, white signifies a long life full of wisdom, and black represents a long life, happiness, and a connection to the creator of all things”.

We proudly support Stormy and Fay Ann with all the profits from this limited collection going to the artists (50%) and to an organization of the artists' choice, the Wind River Tribal Buffalo Initiative. We are grateful for having the opportunity to collaborate with Stormy and Fay Ann and are excited to share their talent and story.

Photo: Stormy Friday and her father Nolan Friday

SoldierWolf Legacy Collection

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Fay Ann SoldierWolf

Experience the Artistry and Wisdom of FAY ANN SOLDIERWOLF: A Living Legacy

Fay Ann SoldierWolf is more than an artist; she is a Northern Arapaho Elder, a beacon of wisdom, and a nurturing matriarch who cares for all. With a lifetime dedicated to beadwork, Fay Ann's journey began under the guidance of her Grandma, inheriting a tradition passed down through generations. For Fay Ann, beadwork is not just about patterns; it's about understanding the stories woven into each design, a connection to the past, and a deep respect for the cultural roots.

In addition to her mastery of bead art, Fay Ann encompasses a breadth of knowledge in literature, archaeology, and the languages of birds, animals, and insects. In the intricate designs she creates, Fay Ann incorporates the teachings she has received from the natural world, adding layers of meaning to her art.

Earning the right to use and share her patterns and colors, Fay Ann carries the ancestral stories of how wolves shared bead designs with her forebears. As a Northern Arapaho Elder, she embraces the responsibility of passing this knowledge on to her extended family, both young and old, fostering a tradition that transcends generations.

Fay Ann is on a mission to dispel misconceptions and bring awareness to Arapaho people and culture. "Some people think we don’t exist, but we are still here, and we will always be here no matter what," she affirms. Her dedication extends beyond personal expression; it is a commitment to ensuring the survival of a rich cultural legacy.

Fay Ann presents her designs in the spirit of honor, respect, connections, family, and love. Her art is not just a visual delight; it is a testament to resilience, continuity, and the enduring presence of the Arapaho people.

Stormy Friday

Meet STORMY FRIDAY: A Beacon of Tradition and Advocacy 

Stormy Friday is a remarkable woman who encompasses many talents and passions; a nurturing mother, dedicated camp mom, advocate, active community member, and a highly skilled bead artist. As an enrolled member of the Northern Arapaho Nation on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming, she carries forward the rich legacy of beadwork that has been passed down through the generations of her family.

In our collaboration with Stormy, we are privileged to engage in a journey of
learning, creation, and community building. Her artistic prowess extends beyond the beads; it is a cultural narrative woven into every

Apart from her artistry, Stormy is a devoted volunteer with the Wind River Tribal Buffalo Initiative. This organization is committed to the protection and restoration of Buffalo through initiatives such as land rematriation, community revitalization, and youth education. Stormy expresses her bond with the buffalo as a Buffalo Dancer in the art performance REMATRIATE by Patti Baldes, highlighting the sacred relationship between Indigenous people and the land.

For Stormy, the buffalo holds deep significance. In many Indigenous/First Nation/American Indian communities, buffalo are revered as sacred and divine beings, representing spirit, strength, unity, generosity, freedom, and harmony with nature. Stormy has chosen to direct the proceeds from
her line toward supporting the Tribal Buffalo Initiative, making every purchase a contribution to the preservation of this sacred connection.

By choosing pieces from Stormy Friday's collection, you not only acquire exquisite art but also become a part of a larger narrative—a narrative of tradition, advocacy, and a shared commitment to the cultural and environmental heritage that defines Stormy's work.

Wind River Tribal Buffalo Initiative

The Wind River Tribal Buffalo Initiative is bringing conservation Buffalo back to Wind River after an absence of over 130 years. Through Buffalo management, land acquisition, advocacy, youth education, and cultural revitalization the initiative is working to restore this keystone animal back to reservation lands managed by the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho Tribes.