Made in the USA

Astis combines today’s technology and natural materials with the tradition of handcrafted artistry. Our leather mittens and gloves provide a comfortable feel, superior warmth and breathability, waterproofing, and beautiful aesthetics. They are versatile enabling one to wear them backcountry skiing or on a walk to dinner, on the coldest winter night or a sunny spring skiing day. Astis leather mittens and gloves are extremely durable, and we believe they will be the last pair you will ever need.

Adhering to a traditional ethos, the clean functional design with no drawstrings, buckles, or clips provides easy on/off capabilities. The length and cut of their design allows for a jacket to slide fully inside without bunching while providing a close fit that protects the wrists and hands from snow in the heaviest of powder days.

Our leather mittens and gloves are hand-stitched in our factory in the USA and made from the highest-quality and hardwearing suede leather. Leather inherently provides a great protection level from the elements (cold, wind, water) as well as being a breathable material. Working directly with a tannery in the USA we developed a suede leather, injected with silicon during the tanning process for further waterproofing, that is extremely durable yet retains great dexterity.

Astis is proud to use Polartec® High Loft for insulation lining. Polartec® High Loft provides a great feel while still providing a superior warm thermal layer for any cold outdoor activity or adventure. Polartec® High Loft not only provides outstanding warmth without weight, but is breathable and durable, dries quickly and has been the primary insulation layer of choice among experienced outdoor enthusiasts for nearly three decades.

The forearm pattern offers a choice of uniquely designed beadwork or cowhide pattern. The beadwork patterns are original designs that are hand-stitched on heavy-duty felt. Each cowhide pattern is individually selected and hand cut to provide a great aesthetic look for the mitten.

Some of our leather mittens and gloves retain an old traditional style and functionality with their use of fringe. Fringe was used on clothing to help shed moisture - as the fringe moves and whips back and forth, water that runs down to the tips will be shed faster than with no fringe.

As each leather mitten and glove is hand-sewn and uses natural materials, each leather mitten and glove will possess slight variation in the look of the cowhide pattern, beadwork, and fur trim. Astis embraces these subtle differences and views them as unique pieces more akin to works of art. 

As beautiful as they look, our leather mittens and gloves are built to be worn. Astis was founded on the guiding principle of bringing you the best and most distinctive mitten for your winter adventures.