About Us

Our Story

Astis celebrates a time honored approach to leather artistry. Astis handcrafts each individual pair using natural materials; as such, each pair will possess slight variation in the look of the cowhide pattern, beadwork, and fur trim. Astis embraces these subtle differences and views them as unique pieces more akin to works of art. 

Brad, the founder, was given a pair of mittens from one of his best friends, Phil. Phil gave Brad the mittens knowing he would appreciate the craftsmanship and artistry. Brad was surprised to discover – not only were these mittens beautifully crafted – but they outlasted all others he had worn in the past.

Through twelve years of intense skiing adventures – many times skiing over 100 days a year and at way below freezing temperatures – Brad found a pair of mittens he treasured for their durability but also for their distinctiveness.

One day, while visiting sister, his sister's dog got into his bag and ate the mittens. Distraught and unable to find a replacement anywhere, Brad set out to produce an improved version over an already proven one. Brad worked tirelessly to capture the beauty and integrity of the beadwork, leather craftsmanship, and functionality of his cherished mittens.

After round after round of prototyping and perfecting, Astis came up with a line of long-lasting, uniquely designed mittens for the adventuresome. Astis combines today’s technology with the tradition of handcrafted artistry. Astis mittens and gloves are made from the highest-quality and hardwearing suede leather. They are lined with dry-wicking Polartec® Thermal Pro® High Loft to keep your hands dry and warm in the wettest and coldest of conditions. Hand-stitched in the USA, the forearm pattern offers a choice of uniquely designed beadwork or cowhide pattern.

As beautiful as they look, Astis are built to be worn. Astis was founded on the guiding principle of bringing you the best and most distinctive mitten for your winter adventures.