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    Astis Erling Mittens
    Astis Blanc Gloves
    Astis Messner Mittens
    Astis Leather Gloves and Mittens
    Astis Kasaparek Mittens
    Astis Kibo Gloves

    Astis combines today's technology with natural materials to produce leather mittens and gloves with a comfortable feel, superior warmth and breathability, waterproofing, and beautiful aesthetics. Our leather mittens and gloves are versatile enabling one to wear them backcountry skiing or on a walk to dinner, on the coldest winter night or a sunny spring skiing day. They are extremely durable, and we believe they will be the last pair you will ever need.


                    Astis APEX Award              Astis Outside Award                Astis ISPO BrandNew Award            Active Junky Bad Ass Gear