Black Tern - Featherweight


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Displaying gorgeous beadwork across the back of the wrist, these black featherweight leather mittens are named for the Black Tern.  An outlier in a world of white seabirds, breeding Black Terns are a handsome mix of charcoal-gray and jet black.  Their delicate form and neatly pointed wings provide tremendous agility as these birds flutter and swoop to pluck fish from the water's surface or veer to catch flying insects, much as a swallow does. 

Astis Featherweight mittens are hand-sewn in the USA from black high-quality American deer leather with hand-stitched beadwork on the wrist and are lined with a thin Polartec® Power Dry®  insulation. Working directly with a tannery in the USA, we developed a smooth, soft, thin, and stretchable leather that is durable with exceptional dexterity.

The Black Tern is part of our featherweight line.

As each leather mitten is hand-sewn and uses natural materials, each mitten will possess slight variation in the look of the leather, fur and beadwork. Astis embraces these subtle differences and views them as unique gloves more akin to works of art.