Generations - Leather Beaded Bracelet


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Adorn your wrist with the 'Generations' Beaded Bracelet, a captivating collaboration with the esteemed artist Fay Ann SoldierWolf.

This bracelet transcends mere accessory status, embodying a profound narrative of strength, wisdom, and the unbreakable bonds that span across generations of women and grandmothers.

The intricate design of the bracelet tells a poignant story—a visual representation of the diverse tapestry of generations. In this beaded masterpiece, the white beads symbolize wisdom, each one a repository of the knowledge and experiences passed down through the ages. Interspersed with the black beads, representing the different generations, the bracelet becomes a living testament to the rich tapestry of familial ties.

The red beads, vibrant and bold, weave through the bracelet, holding everything together. In this representation, red becomes the life force that connects and binds the wisdom and the generations. Fay Ann's artistry transforms each bead into a symbolic element, creating a harmonious blend that mirrors the strength, resilience, and interconnectedness of women across time.

Learn more about the SoldierWolf Family at Wolf Nation. All profits from the sale of these bracelets go directly back to the artist, Fay Ann SoldierWolf and the Wind River Tribal Buffalo Initiative.