Product Refurbishment


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Unfortunately this is on hold until further notice.


We guarantee our products for their initial construction, however normal wear and tear can sometimes leave them with packed out liners and fur that has been rubbed off on the cuff (from rubbing against the side of a jacket), a few beads popped, etc...

Therefore, we have instituted a product refurbishment plan. We will replace the liner and fur on the cuff and make other minor repairs that might be needed (a couple missing beads, etc.). After purchasing this plan, we will email you a shipping label (domestic only) and a form to fill out and be placed inside the box with the product.

Once we receive your shipment we will repair/refurbish them and send them back. Refurbishing can take a few weeks from when we receive them so please plan when a good time would be for you. Thank you in advance for your patience.

Please note: Major repairs lie outside this program.